Smile It´s a Costarican Coffee

My name is Max Thompson. I am Costa Rican and I was born in Alajuela: Costa Rica's second most important province. I am the founder and CEO of the Thompson Coffee Company.


As many people, I dreamed of creating my own company, which in addition to boosting my growth as a person and entrepreneur, contributed to the social environment, generating equitable jobs and promoting the value-added chain.

95% of Costa Rican coffee exports are unprocessed green grains, and although the formula has been successful, it could be further improved if we added more value to that already marvelous product.

Exporting our roasted coffee to the rest of the world makes a huge difference, not only because its roasting process generates additional jobs, but also because it takes us directly to the consumer, providing a guaranteed quality product, 100% Costa Rican and through our brand: Smile! It's a Costarican Coffee®, that suggests a brief review of this beautiful piece of land.