Our Origin

"Smile! It's a Costarican Coffee" it comes from our best and worldwide recognized coffee region: TARRAZÚ, COSTA RICA. In addition to its extraordinary conditions to produce coffee, this region is characterized by having the large number of small producers, who guarantee the special care of the plantations and the quality of our coffee.
Our product offers intense and caramelized fragrance with a fine acidity that distinguish the finest coffees of Costa Rica. The selected cherries of our coffee are matured at a height of 4,593 ft (1,400 m) to 5,249 ft (1,600 m) above sea level (SHB Strictly Hard Bean) and dried in the sun for a unique flavor.  The process of roasting and grinding is in the hands of experts that allows us to ensure a high quality product.

What does it mean Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee refers to the whole process, from the farmer to the cup, using coffee from a single origin. It refers to the way in which the coffee is roasted and how it is extracted.
Specialty Coffees are grown in ideal climates, and are distinctive due to their full cup flavor and their minimal amount of defects.
The Quality Score is evaluated according to a variety of factors, including aroma, acidity, balance, body, mouthfeel and taste. A coffee with a cupping score above 80 is considered a Specialty Coffee.


Costarican Farmers

We introduce you to Martín. He lives in Tarrazú and every day he cultivates and cares for the plantations of one of the best coffees in the world. Like Martín, thousands of small farmers work hard to produce Specialty Coffee. In this region, 90% of farmers produce less than 100 bags (46kg) of coffee per harvest, which guarantees love and passion for this wonderful product.