"No Artificial Ingredients"

Imagine a small country, very small, that protects its natural areas, uses clean energy and aims to be carbon neutral in 2021. Now imagine that country also produce the best coffee in the world and owns 5% of the planet's biodiversity. Yes! Costa Rica is world famous for 3 reasons: its peace, its coffee and its biodiversity.

This collection of coffee mugs summarizes up in 6 beautiful handmade illustrations, just some of the incredible species of flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

5% Biodiversity

The Collection 

Art and coffee have always been good friends. Know through this exclusive collection, some of the species that make up 5% of the planet's biodiversity - concentrated in Costa Rica - and selected for you by Costa Rican artists.
Not every day you can come to Costa Rica, but what you can do every day is to enjoy our coffee with these beautiful mugs, take them home together.