Costarican Coffee

Welcome to our world of Smiles and Coffee!

Costa Rica
We are a peace-loving country, so much so that we were the first country in the world without an army, we also have a robust social security and free education for almost 200 years.
We are the most stable democracy in Latin America and the only country in the world with a record of continuous use of clean energy to produce electricity.
Our slogan is "pure life", our friendly character makes us ambassadors of peace wherever we are and our drink, could not be other: Coffee.

By the way, talking about coffee....
Our product comes in comfortable presentations that keep intact its artisan essence, keeping it fresh, tasty and aromatic. Our seal of quality is our origin: Tarrazú Costa Rica, and what certifies our passion:          Our Smile!

Artisan Process

Process Smile Coffee Process Smile Coffee

“Smile! It’s a Costa Rican Coffee” coming from the best coffee-growing region. Let yourself be captivated by a perfect cup of coffee provided by nature, harvested and selected by expert hands especially for you.
Thanks for bringing back home a bit of the best of the happiest country in the world.